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Empowering Young Athletes

At Lizardi's Basketball Academy, we are committed to shaping the next generation of basketball stars. Our mission is to empower young athletes with the fundamental skills, confidence, and teamwork mentality necessary to excel on and off the court. Our premier basketball training programs for young athletes focus on skill development, love and passion for the game. This is a great space to share our story, the unique basketball training approach we offer, and how we stand out from other basketball academies.

Lizardi's Basketball Academy


Our mission is to teach the authentic fundamentals of basketball, instilling in young athletes the skills and values they need to excel both on the court and in life.


Our vision is to create a generation of well-rounded athletes who embody excellence, both in basketball and in their personal lives.

core values

Discipline – We instill discipline in our athletes, emphasizing the importance of self-control, responsibility, and adherence to high standards in all aspects of their training and life.

Respect – We foster an environment where players respect themselves, their teammates, coaches, and opponents, understanding that respect is foundational to sportsmanship and personal growth. We celebrate and embrace diversity, understanding that a team enriched with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences leads to greater unity and growth.

Teamwork – We promote unity and collaboration, encouraging players to work together, support each other, and achieve common goals through shared effort and cooperation.

Inspiration – We motivate athletes to reach their highest potential through encouragement, support, and by setting positive examples, helping them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Dedication – We demonstrate unwavering commitment to training and personal goals, teaching our athletes the value of perseverance, hard work, and focus.

Positivity – We maintain an optimistic outlook, instilling a positive mindset in our players that helps them stay motivated, focused, and resilient, even in the face of adversity.

Encouragement – We provide a supportive environment that boosts confidence and self-esteem, offering constant encouragement to help our players believe in their potential and capabilities.

Leadership – We develop leadership skills in our athletes, empowering them to take initiative, guide their peers, and inspire others through their actions and attitudes.

Training Philosophy

At Lizardi Basketball Academy, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive training experience. We offer athletes the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences, explaining the purpose and benefits of each drill. Our coaches focus on improving self-awareness and use positive speech to motivate and inspire.

Community and Environment

We strive to create a healthy, structured, and family-oriented environment where everyone feels important and comfortable. Our academy is a place where positivity and support are paramount.

Long-term Goals

Our aim is to see our athletes grow both as players and individuals, equipping them to compete in major leagues and succeed in life.

Inspiration and Role Models

Guided by a passionate coach who loves and enjoys the game, we are always seeking opportunities to enhance our players' skills and knowledge.

Meet Our team

Coach Luis Lizardi

Coach & Founder Luis Lizardi

Certified Basketball Coach & Youth Development

Coach Luis Lizardi is passionate about helping young athletes reach their full potential. With years of experience in basketball training, he is dedicated to providing personalized coaching that focuses on individual growth and skill development.


Basketball Player 

AAU Coach

Private Coach


Atlanta Hawks & USA Basketball Certifications

USA Certified Basketball Coach

Coach Ariana Apolinario

Coach & Co-Founder Ariana Apolinario

Youth Development Specialist

Coach Ariana Apolinario brings a wealth of knowledge in youth basketball development. Her coaching style emphasizes character building, teamwork, and resilience, helping young athletes become well-rounded individuals on and off the court.


Basketball Player

Basketball Private Coach



Youth Basketball Development Certification

USA Basketball Certification

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